Hearth and Hill Restaurant

Brooks Kirchheimer has had the restaurant bug for as long as he can remember. “The very first Christmas present I can recall requesting was a cash register, when I was just a tyke. I probably drove my two sisters and parents crazy badgering them to play restaurant!” Since earning a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the University of Denver in 2008, Brooks has managed a variety of popular restaurants, including at Montage Beverly Hills and Deer Valley, Park City’s former Main Street landmark Zoom, and Merriman’s in Maui. Brooks is eager to pay it forward: “I learned a ton from my former bosses, such as Steve Solomon and Peter Merriman. I hope I can benefit careers of people I now supervise like they benefited mine.” In 2017, Brooks and his wife Catherine returned home to Park City, ready to pursue his lifelong dream of starting his own restaurant. Recently retired from his finance career, Brooks’s dad, David, was eager to be his financial partner. David, who with his wife Sherry has owned a Deer Valley home since 2007, was thrilled at the prospect: “Brooks and I have very complementary skills and experiences, so we make a perfect team. Plus, we have a shared passion for creating an organizational culture that’s beneficial to our associates, guests and community. I hope the family ties between Brooks and me carry over to all of Hearth and Hill’s associates.” For Brooks, it’s about writing the next chapter of a story spawned by the cash register left by Santa Claus years ago. “Hearth and Hill’s mantra is to ‘Inspire our associates, thrill our guests, and enrich our community.’ We’ve assembled an incredible, local management team to help me achieve that commitment, each and every day.”


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