Time for Her

The “HER” in Time for HER stands for: -Healing -Enriching -Rejuvenating ​Our mission is to provide you with an event that leaves you feeling at least one of these three things. We believe that the connection found with other women at these events promotes all of these things if you choose to engage in that-and we hope you do! Four years ago, I attended a few classes put on for women. The timing of these classes in my life was perfect. I had just come off an emotional year having my first baby that was a miracle at 1 pound, 9 ounces. I left my teaching career just weeks before to care for this fragile baby as well. I wasn’t feeling great. When I attended these classes it brought light into my life (I sooo needed). When these classes for women didn’t continue, I longed for them. I knew back then I wanted to curate classes for myself and other women. Last summer, I got friends together for a cooking class at my house and I just loved it. I threw together a couple more classes to neighbors and friends and I started filling up these little girls nights. “Time for Her” was named on a run around Midway with two dear friends, and with encouragement of the women here, I proceed. Thanks for joining me on this journey to help myself and others continue in finding HER- healing, enrichment, and rejuvenation. ​​I love meeting new, inspiring women and connecting them to each other. I hope to meet you soon!



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